# Can I use one account on multiple devices?

Yes, you can login with your account on up to 4 devices at a time. We are doing our best to be more responsive at all times.

# How do I access other languages?

On the general sidebar of the application, you can tap on “Change language” to choose from four languages that are available right now – English, Russian, Chinese, and Mongolian. We are working on to improve our magazine library of all languages as well as to add more languages in World Plus for global audiences.

# How to download a publication and read it offline?

To download a publication, go to the magazine page and click “Download”. The magazines you’ve downloaded will be stored in “My Issues” for you to access offline whenever you’d like.

# Do I receive any updates of the publisher I follow?

We send you a notification when the publisher you follow adds an issue or a title. You can choose to enable or disable these push notifications on your mobile device settings. Also, keep in mind that you can see the notifications in the “Notification” section of World Plus app.

# Can I skip to another article without finishing one article while reading an issue?

Yes, we understand that you care about your time and will only make time for articles you’re interested in. You can see all the articles of the magazine you are reading by tapping on “+” located at the left top corner of the screen. Simply tap one of the articles you’re interested in to jump into that article.

# How do I share an article on social media?

Currently, you will only be able to share the app to your social media, not an article or a magazine. However, don’t worry, we will let notify you as soon as we enable the sharing option on World Plus app.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at info@wplus.world.